At my /A address, the caravan in Harderwijk, I use for a while the Yaesu FT857 with the SGC-Mac200 tuner, together with a half size G5RV. On top of the mast there was a Diamond X-50 antenna witch now being changed for a Popovic antenna (see Antenna site for details). Because I don't want my transceiver permanently in the caravan I made a transport box especially for this equipment. In this box there are the TRX, the tuner and the interfaces for CAT and digital modes.
'Fully operational' ready for use on my /A address or during field-days or other outside activities.
If I remove the top I connect the antenna, the power supply and the laptop and I 'am ready to operate. I made the transport box from 12mm wood. This wood is relatively soft, so it's easy to saw and to sand. Everything is sawn and after that I glued and screwed it together. Wit a sanding machine I made it very smooth and after that I painted it three times.
Just behind the transceiver I made a hole from 70x130mm. That's easy to put the cables through. So the cables especially the CAT and DATA connectors are fragile and don't need to be disconnected ever time. Exceptions on these are the antenna cables.
For who wants to build this box I made a drawing and is downloadable as a PFD-files. tekning.pdf